Homeschool Drivers Education in Minnesota

Whether or not you have completed driving instructor training in Minnesota, if you are homeschooling your children, per the laws of the state, you, as a parent, can complete the classroom portion of drivers education.  This law has been in place since the late 1990s.  Here are the requirements for homeschool drivers education:

  1. Students must be at least 15 in order to start drivers ed
  2. You student must be a full time home school student.  This requires certification by the local school superintendent
  3. You, as a parent, must use the same classroom materials as other driving instructors.  These training materials are approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety
  4. Classroom time, as set out by the office of driver education through the DPS, must be at least 30 hours using approved materials.  After words, the child will still need to take in car drivers training from a licensed driving instructor in the state of Minnesota.
If you have any questions about teaching your home-schooled student driving, call the drivers education unit at this number: (651) 201-7626

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