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Becoming a driving instructor is about more than just starting a new career.  Driving instructors hold the key to freedom for teenagers, and the key to safer roadways for all of us.  A great instructor literally saves lives.  With over 30% of teenage deaths coming from driving accidents, we need great driving instructors now more than ever!  With cell phones and smart phones there are more distractions than ever before.  Distracted drivers cause driving accidents, and accidents place our sons and daughters in danger.

Do you have what it takes to teach the teenagers of your community to be safe, responsible, and defensive drivers?  Driving Instructor Training University (“the U”) is an online resource to teach you what it takes to start a career in this great industry, and give you the tools you need to successfully enroll in and pass training at your local DMV.

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Here at Driving Instructor Training University, you will find hundreds of articles that will help you on the path of becoming a certified instructor.  If you’re looking for driving instructor jobs, then you have come to the right place.  Our job board has hundreds of instructor jobs across the country, and probably more than a few good jobs in your local area.  If you are unsure of your states driving instructor requirements, than you can find more information by clicking on state by state requirements to your right.  If you’re looking for general information on how to become a driving instructor, than you’ve also come to the right place.  We have lots of good articles on the requirements of the job, on what your day to day life will be like, and insight from those who have come before you into this new and exciting field.

Whether you are a first timer or a grey hired drivers ed teacher, we hope you’ll join our mailing list and get lots of value from our website.  The roadways of America are a dangerous place, but by teaching driving to the drivers of tomorrow (and today) you can help make it just a little bit safer.

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